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Our philosophy

The personal exchange with our clients and the committed commitment to their fundamental rights distinguishes us. We lay particularly great value on transparency, openness and comprehensibility.

Why do we work as attorneys?

Because we are united by a common believe: people have the same rights, regardless of their origin, gender or age, which must be respected and protected – we are committed to ensuring that you will be treated with respect by the court, administrative and security authorities. We will ensure that you will be defended from unjustified interference by the state or other people.

We are also socially and politically committed to a strong judiciary and a well-functioning executive. But only as lawyers do we have the tools that enable us to help people effectively. Be it because you have become a victim of human rights violations or because you want to make full use of the rights available in a procedure. We are always on your side.

That’s why we became attorneys.

What does the cooperation with us look like?

The word collaboration best describes the nature of our representation.

We value personal contact with our clients. For you as a client, communication with us should be characterized by clarity and openness. It is important to us to be directly available for you and to cooperate with you on an equal footing.

Thanks to our many years of experience, you will receive a realistic estimate of the possible outcome of the proceedings. We are not afraid to address low chances of success. Transparency is important to us.

Whether in questions of fundamental and human rights, in general administrative procedures or in aliens and asylum law: Sometimes it takes convincing arguments and endurance in a case before the Austrian and possibly the European Court of Human Rights. We draft complaints, appeals and submissions and also represent you in proceedings before these courts.

As your representative, we are the link to the competent court or authority. We explain what is required of you. We express your request to the court – and try to use understandable language in the often complicated legal world.

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In a legal consultation, we clarify initial questions, sound out your possibilities and options for action. Together we will clarify whether you need our legal help to assert your interests and how much a procedure would cost.

Address: Hahngasse 25, 1090 Wien
T: +43 1 319 25 25 0
Mail: office@kanzlei-hahngasse.at