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Awarding of Austrian citizenship | Retention of Austrian citizenship

For future Austrians and EU Citizens

We support people in obtaining and retaining Austrian citizenship.

Preparing the application

Before the application, we prepare the necessary documents with you so that the further procedure can be completed quickly. During this preliminary check, we can tell you where problems could arise in the upcoming process.

Representation in proceedings

During the process, we will help you in case the procedure takes too long or in case the authority believes that the prerequisites for awarding the citizenship are missing. In these cases, we will show you what legal remedies are available and review your documents with you.

Before the Administrative Court

We also support you with a complaint against a negative decision from the authority and in proceedings before the administrative court.

Retention of Austrian citizenship

Would you like to adopt a foreign citizenship? In a consultation, we will clarify the chances of success of an application with you. Together with you, we will prepare your personal application for retention and advise you on which documents and evidence will increase your chances.

In recent years we have specialized in the following areas. Therefore, our specialist expertise in these areas is valued. Can’t find your topic in the list? We are also active in many other areas of law – please contact us. Should we not be able to represent you in a procedure, we will recommend you to specialized and reliable colleagues in this area.