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Arrests and Detention

Arrests | Pre Trial Detention | Custody pending Deportation

We defend your right to personal freedom.

We represent people who are in custody or affected by official measures.

Custody pending Deportation

If detention pending deportation is imposed, we clarify the situation under the law on residence and, if desired, draft a complaint on detention pending deportation. We represent you in the detention hearing before the Federal Administrative Court (BVwG).

Pre Trial Detention

As a criminal defense lawyers, we represent you in criminal proceedings and also draft appeals in the event that pre-trial detention is imposed.

Other Complaints against adminstrative measures

In the event of a detention, arrest or other official measures, we will clarify with you the chances of success and risks of a complaint about measures, draft it and represent you in the proceedings before the administrative court.

In recent years we have specialized in the following areas. Therefore, our specialist expertise in these areas is valued. Can’t find your topic in the list? We are also active in many other areas of law – please contact us. Should we not be able to represent you in a procedure, we will recommend you to specialized and reliable colleagues in this area.